High Rock Farm

High Rock Farm was built in 1807 by Joseph McCain, Senator John McCain’s fourth great-grandfather. The beautiful federalist style farm house sits off of High Rock Road and is open for guided tours.


High Rock Farm is currently owned by Richard Teague, who started planting chestnut trees at the plantation in 1991. High Rock Farm is the largest working and producing chestnut orchard in the mid-Atlantic. With over 500 chestnut trees and 400 pecan trees, the view here is amazing.


Find us at:

960 High Rock Road

Gibsonville, North Carolina 27249



Monday - Friday 8 am until 11 am June – December

*Hours may vary from those listed; to check hours, please call at 336-634-0874


Depending on the time of year and the growth season, we typically offer:

Fresh in-season chestnuts, dried chestnut kernels, gluten free stone ground chestnut flour, pecans (in-shell and shelled) sugar toasted pecans, blackberries, blackberry jam, & raspberries.


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